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What ABC's STEM Consulting Can Do For YOU:

Our goal is to customize our STEM-focused educational models to fit your educational needs. Our experienced experts have the skills to train and develop your administrators, educators and instructors in providing resources to excite, engage and equip your students to become STEM leaders of tomorrow. Our models involve strong interactive instruction, mentoring, teacher development, college readiness, career and professional development, and research exposure. By providing you with resources for effective evaluation, our models can be fine-tuned for scalability. Since STEM preparation begins before college, our models can also be implemented to strengthen overall STEM academic preparation of your students, which will aid in increasing overall standardized test scores, graduation rates, and college readiness.

We provide a variety of services that can be incorporated into an academic program to be implemented in your area, or supplement your current efforts. Some of our products include:


STEM Discovery (K-8 grades)

STEM Discovery is an elementary/middle school model that introduces K-8 students to STEM through active learning, mentoring, project-based instruction, and summer learning experiences, and career preparation.

STEM Development (Grades 9-12)

STEM Development is a high-school focused model, with college-level preparatory instruction in STEM subjects, introduction to research, mentoring, summer learning experiences, test preparation, and career and college readiness

STEM Enhancement (College Years 1-2)

STEM Enhancement presents a college-level model focusing on 1st and 2nd year STEM majors, with heavy focus on mentoring, career development, research opportunities, and professional development

STEM Progression (College Years 3+)

Deisgned for 3rd and 4th year students, as well as early graduate students, STEM Progression focuses on career readiness, preparation for graduate programs, career mentoring, more rigorous research exposure, and professional development

STEM Teacher Enrichment (for K-12 STEM instructors)

STEM Teacher Enrichment presents a K-12 teacher's development program, designed to expose teachers to STEM-related active learning instructional material, and provide resources for enhancing the STEM classroom

Training and Evaluation Assistance

With the ABC's STEM Consulting Training and Evaluation services, our staff will provide extensive implementation training and support, as well as grant writing and evaluation services should you be interested in preparing and submitting research proposals to federal and state agencies.

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