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==> 100% of student participants STRONGLY AGREE that participation in the program greatly encouraged them to pursue STEM degrees and 97% of college freshmen participants chose STEM majors

==> 80% of student participants seemed MORE INCLINED to complete their degree in STEM

==> 70% of high school and undergraduate students are MORE CONFIDENT that they will complete a Masters degree in a STEM area, and 50% are MORE LIKELY to pursue and complete a PhD in STEM

==> 100% of K-12 teachers participating in the program STRONGLY AGREE that our model was VERY EFFECTIVE in improving the STEM-focused learning of the students in their classrooms

==> 95% of K-12 teachers were MORE LIKELY to improve their academic preparation by pursuing additional advanced degrees and/or certifications in STEM areas

==>  To Date (2018), 80% of high school participants in our programs have gone on to pursue a college degree, and 95% of those in college are majoring in STEM areas!



"[This program] is more effective because you have more time with the students. You have more time to show them; this is what you can do. You have more time to show them the STEM areas; taking what they are interested in and then applying it in STEM and being able to try to bring those more into STEM. That is one thing that I love about [this program] is I am doing the same thing but it is not just one hour a day. It is multiple hours over the three weeks and you bringing them back, as well. Also, they are providing the tool, the iPad, to help them along with this. It makes it a whole lot better, as well."

          - College-level Participant


"To me, I like what they were trying to get implemented with the [high school] teachers. I heard countless stories about where they don’t actually have a science teacher or they have a gym teacher educate the math class. Start to educate the teachers because some of the students will come in and say, “I never paid attention in class because all the teacher did was talk, lecture.” When I was in high school, I used to get bored when the professor just write on the board and turn around and ask a question. To me, when you actually have different experiments lined up to correlate with what you are actually teaching, that helps to continue to build on what you lecture them. If we knew there was going to be experimenting, they knew they would actually have to pay attention when we lecture them to know what is going on in the experiment or they will be behind everybody else."

           - Graduate Mentor


"Me, personally, I am from Atlanta, GA and I know I didn’t want to come to this summer camp. When I first got into this camp, I was dreadful. Now that I have actually got myself into it, I actually like. I did have fun so when I come back. I know people from the city. It is really an eye opening thing all together."

         - High-School Participant


"I really enjoyed it. If I could tell somebody to come back to this [program], I actually would. I changed my whole life plan just because of coming to this [program]."

       - High-School Participant


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